Thursday, May 28, 2009

My plant of the Month Pick - May

Dianthus is one of my all time favorite plants. The name Dianthus is from the Greek words dios ("god") and anthos ("flower"), a very fitting name for such a great plant. They are easy to grow, hardy, and give you a great color show. There are over 300 types of Dianthus. They perfer a cool climate, and rich, well drained soil. Water them during dry periods, once or twice per week. The species are mostly perennial herbs, a few are annual or biennial. This flower would be a great addition to any ones garden.


  1. How Lucky are you to be able to work at something we love. My Mom passed 15 yrs ago. My brother in law's work sent from Texas a basket with 4 Hydrangia plants. We are 4 sisters and each took one. I planted mine in NY where I was born and lived till 7 yrs ago The plant bloomed a couple of years, I cut it back each year and it started to grow green but no blooms. I dug it up and brought it with me here to Delaware. Our home came with landscaping and the man doing mine was soooo nice. He saw the plant and said, what's this for? I told him the story and he was so touched and asked can I find a spot for it? He told me it wasn't flowering because I cut it back too much, to just let it grow. He put it in the front corner of our house as the driveway meets the walk. What a treasure its become. Blooms profusely every year, mostly blue and purple. Its huge and I love it, such a beautiful tribute to my Dear and Beloved Mother. Thought you might appreciate my story

  2. Hey Kate, glad to see you are posting on Color Me Green..... I love the Dianthus,( hint hint).....When can we do a design for me?..... Love and hugs to the boys.......

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